Wrong EP

by Outlander Club

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Recorded in July 2016 in Peru, Illinois.


released May 5, 2017

Drums: Cazden Lash
Bass: Bryce O'Neal
Guitar: ZW Buckley
Vocals: ZW Buckley
Gang Vocals on White Flags: Cazden Lash, Bryce O'Neal, Zach Buckley, and Josh Andrews

Recording, Mixing, and Mastering: Josh Andrews and Zach Buckley



all rights reserved


Outlander Club Normal, Illinois

Your favorite band from college named after an obscure Star Wars reference.

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Track Name: The World Keeps Spinning
I'm losing my ability to talk to you
And I can't seem to find my way around
This wall that I've built up
This wall that I've built up
To keep me safe from you
But I was wrong

The world keeps spinning
As I keep spinning out of control
These moments of silence
Are louder than you'll ever know
But I just keep moving on
We just keep moving on

I can't remember a time before these wounds
We brandish our tongues like swords and before we're through
We sustain these blows
That bow us low
That bow us low too soon
It's all so wrong

Why don't we talk about it
Say what we need to know
Why don't we talk about it
We could finally let it all go
Track Name: Godsend
Let's take our time
We don't have to hurry up just yet
Promise me you know you won't regret
Coming to know me in a way you can't forget
Because we both know that in the end

It starts with this
A simple kiss
A quiet hand
That touches my lips
The taste of salt
Of swaying hips
Of burning flesh
And the clenching of fists

I already know how this one ends
There's no way we finish this as friends
Yet you're the one who's willing to pretend
Tell me what are you thinking
My little godsend

The dawn has come
We're finished with our little masquerade
But I know how to breach your palisades
I'll come again when you beckon me your way
We both know that all it takes is

A look like this
A simple kiss
A quiet hand
That touches my lips
The taste of salt
Of swaying hips
Of burning flesh
And the clenching of fists
Track Name: Wrong
I dream at night
That I could be the one to hold you
And in my mind
Get a second chance to write our story
Let's play inside
The great outdoors can be so boring
I swear this time
That I'll learn to read the warnings

But now it's obvious
The mistakes we've made
But we can't go back
We can't erase
The things that we did
That we knew all along
But we still asked ourselves
How can this be wrong?

You're quiet eyes
Hold so many untold stories
Like mountains climbed
The peak is never quite the ending
There's another side
And like rain we were descending
To the depths below
How long would we keep pretending?
Track Name: White Flags
The soundtrack to our days is the screams of lovers fighting
The turntable's still spinning though the record is done
You call a retreat over sounds of dizzy static
But I just flip the record and carry on

And yet you find me in the evening
We make love like we're young
In the middle of the night
Though we know morning will come
You tell me all your secrets
And you leave me undone
In the middle of the night
There's so much to overcome

This house is nothing more than the grounds of war and famine
A crescendo ever louder the band just marches on
Armies form their ranks at the threshold of our heartache
And rain bombs like a drum pounding on and on and on

The sun falls
We surrender til daybreak
Our problems never get solved
We wage war as lovers
With envy
Our bodies give up and dissolve

We lay between our white flags
We ignore the blood
We ignore the wounds
We ignore the things I've done to you
We lay between our white flags